Are you concerned about contaminants in your drinking water?

If you or someone you know has concerns about nitrates, arsenic, or other contaminants in your/their drinking water… Here are some things you should know before spending  a lot of money…

If you have not had your water tested and want to know for sure about the level of any particular contaminant you should get it tested through a certified water specialist, or through a certified and independent laboratory.

When you’re ready to treat your water start by contacting a reputable and local water treatment company. Then, BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING, check out their recommendation for Third Party Validation of performance claims, including the reduction of the particular contaminant(s) that you are concerned with. The validation should come from an organization known as the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Below are instructions for locating and navigating the NSF certification site to get the information you desire:

1. Visit

2. In the top right corner, click “Search Certified Products and Systems”.

3. Under product listing in the middle of the page, scroll down to “Drinking Water Treatment Units” and click. Or visit directly.

4. Don’t enter a manufacturer’s name, but instead scroll down through the list of contaminants and click on one that your are concerned about. Scroll to the bottom of the page, leave the “Search All Products” box checked and click on “Search”.     You will now get a list of all the manufacturers and their specific products that are certified to reduce the contaminant(s) you selected, as well as all of the other contaminants that that particular product will reduce.


Do your own research before you invest. Hopefully we just made it a little bit easier.